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Custom Entry Door

Do you envision an outdoor fireplace and a large master bedroom ?  Is it a larger kitchen or higher ceilings?  Or does your vision simply entail having two vanities in the master bathroom? Shoemaker Homes understands that the home is one of the last hand built products in the world and we can work with you to transform these visions and dreams into longstanding bricks and mortar.

Custom Building ExperienceFrom the ground up a custom build is a collaborative effort between the homebuyer and the builder.  We believe knowledge is having accurate information, intelligence is the ability to use this knowledge on behalf of our customer and wisdom is staying consistent with your company’s values in the process.

Whether you already have property or seek to build in one of our desired communities we can assist you.  Our custom building experience yields tremendous benefits to our customers.  We have custom homes construction capability ranging from 1200 square feet to over 4000.  We simply build the best home possible within our customer’s budget, no matter what type or size of new construction is right for you.  Our experienced Shoemaker team are professionals that keep our projects on time and within our customer’s budget.  And along with our sub contractors partners we continue to create a unique home for you, no matter how complex the variables might be.  Your journey begins by contacting us:  601-853-5060




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