Construction Timeline




Before the stages of construction begin, all pre-construction documents must be completed and approved by the appropriate designers, engineers and local municipality. This includes plans, plot plans, heating and air layouts, as well as the specifications of the material that is to be used. At this time you may have meetings with our sales agent and construction superintendent in order to finalize and answer any final questions.  After these conditions have been met, the home is issued a building permit.



At this time the site is graded, the home is placed on the lot, rough plumbing is installed and the concrete slab is poured.  This is also the time that the post-tension foundation system is installed.  Prior to pouring the foundation it in inspected by the building inspector, as well as the home warranty company inspector



This is when the house begins to take shape and form.  Walls are erected, ceiling joists and roof rafters are installed as well as the roof decking system.  Exterior sheathing is also installed.



Once the house has been framed, exterior doors and windows are installed.  This is also the same time that the roofing shingles are installed.


Trade Partners

The mechanical contractors such as the electrician, plumber and HV/AC contractor come to the house to “rough in” all of their various components.  It is at this time television outlets are placed as well as where specific lighting features will be located.  After this work is completed the local municipality will inspect our work thus far in the form of a “framing inspection.”


Wall Insulation

One of the most important items of the home is something that you will never see….the insulation.  At this time the wall insulation is installed within the exterior wall cavities as well as some specific places within the attic.



This is the stage that rooms start to take shape.  The drywall or “sheetrock” is installed and then floated by the appropriate contractor.  This is also typically when the brick work is completed.


 Trim Carpentry /Paint

The architectural features of the home are added.  Cabinets are built, interior walls are placed, trim casing and baseboard is installed as well as any crown molding that the home might require.  After the trim carpentry is completed the painter paints the interior and exterior of the home.


 Ceramic Tile/ Kitchen and Bathroom Counter Tops

The house is really starting to turn into a home at this stage.  Home decor becomes the overriding principal at this stage.  Counter tops and flooring is installed.


The Return of Trade Partners, Landscaping and Detail Finishes

Electricians, plumbers and HV/AC contractors return as well as a host of other contractors in order to “trim out” the home.  This is when HV/AC registers are installed, plugs and switches are trimmed along with the home’s kitchen appliances.  Landscaping is also installed at this stage and the power is turned on by the local electrical provider.


Certificate of Occupancy and Completion

The home is complete.  The property that was once a raw piece of dirt is a majestic home.  The home receives a Certificate of Occupancy at this stage which denotes that the home has been declared acceptable to the municipality’s standards and the building codes have been met.

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