Home Buying 101

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1.  Searching for a new home online:Home Buying2

You have come to the right place.  It’s time to make a list of what you want and do not want in a home.  What area do you want to be in?  What school district is appealing?  What size home do I actually need?  These are some of the questions that dictate this part of the home buying process.  Finding the needle in the haystack means reviewing countless listings and properties while navigating through different communities.  However, at Shoemaker Homes we can assist you in this process.  Look to our Floor Plan studio for floor plans we have available.

2.  Get Pre-Qualified, or better yet, Pre-Approved:

Knowing how much a lender will offer you is the key to a home search.  This process can be an easy way to determine how much you can borrow and afford.  This is also a time to decide what exactly your down payment can be.  To get started, contact a mortgage loan representative and see what the current mortgage rates are and how your credit score is.  Some typical credit score examples are :  000-349(no credit),  350-650 (poor),  650-690 (fair),  690-720 (good),   720-850 (excellent).  They may also require proof of income or employment, bank statements and documentation such as drivers license and social security number.  For a more detailed list of application requirements.  More info….

3.  Finding your home:

Once you have narrowed down your search it’s time to hit the pavement and tour model homes.  Take notes and gather as much information as you can while touring homes so you can compare homes later.  Imagine furniture and go that extra step by bringing your tape measure along for your journey.  And finally try to relax.  This is a big decision and it can be a fun one.  Take a moment to see what Shoemaker Homes has to offer.

4.  Make an offer / sign a contract:

Once you have found that dream Shoemaker Home it’s time to make it yours and sign a contract.  Please contact Robyn Dethlefsen (601-919-6767  /  robyn@shoemakerhomes.com) and /or our office (601-853-5060.)  You will also be responsible for earnest money at the time of the contract.  These are monies (typically several thousands of dollars) that are in place to secure your contract transaction.  The money is only surrendered if you break the terms of the contract agreement.

5.  Making it yours:

If you chose a home that is already complete and move in ready then it’s time to start packing.  However,if you selected a home to build from the ground up or that is under construction, our agents will guide and assist you with the home building process.  This process includes, but not limited to, selecting within your allowance light fixtures, interior and exterior colors, as well as finishing touches.

6.  New Home Orientation:

Your home is complete.  It is now time to let us show you around.  We will show you the features of your new home, explain the essence of your home warranty and describe the methods of our service and who to contact in order to place the utilities in your name.  If you haven’t started packing yet…it is time to get a move on.

Giving house keys7.  Loan closing / home purchase:

Congratulations!  The day you have been longing for is finally here.  You might have to sign your name over 40 times, but in a matter of an hour this new home is yours.  This part of the transaction will take place at a closing attorney’s office and is where you sign all of the loan documents.  However, the greatest part is taking possession of your new home and receiving the keys!  At this point your home buying work is complete and the moving in is just getting started.

8.  Review the Post Move-In Checklist:

The home is yours.  In order to maximize your new home ownership enjoyment we recommend you take a moment and review our Post Move-In Checklist as well as some additional resources in order to enhance your new home.  Many of these items are in regards to home owner safety and emergency management.


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