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GREEN…what does it mean?  green adj.  \ˈgrēn\ : Relating to or advocating ecological awareness and the preservation of natural resources.


row our ecological awareness

R  enew our mission and commitment to our customers 

E  ducate our building community and partners 

E  mbrace changing building practices

N  eeds of the present are met while reducing negative impacts of the future

A Green Testimonial:   “My sister & I chose Shoemaker Homes to build both of our homes because of their excellent reputation and experience in the Jackson area. We were dually excited when we learned that Scott is a Certified Green Professional. The planet is in peril, and we want to do our part to conserve energy for future generations. To be on the cutting edge of Building Green is a dream come true and is our contribution in this effort.

Some of the major elements of Green Construction:

Energy Efficiency
Components such as a properly sized HVAC system, higher insulation values, Energy Star appliances and lighting, as well as Low E (emissions) windows keep spaces warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
Indoor Air Quality
As homes become tighter, the use of low emitting materials and products with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) can reduce the amount of potentially trapped fumes within a home.
Water Efficiency
Specific placement of a tankless water heater along with insulated water lines, low-flow faucets, and other smart plumbing practices contribute to a water management system that minimizes expense and aids in water conservation.
Resource Efficiency
It is imperative to the construction process to adapt to building practices that include: buying Mississippi-made products, using recycled, pre-consumer materials from the manufacturing process, using wood from certified and responsibly managed forests, and practicing advanced framing techniques that can reduce the amount of material waste.
As a Certified Green Professional with NAHB, we adhere to a mandatory code of ethics that includes supporting research, reducing our environmental impact and promoting green building practices. Building professionals must also stay informed of new technologies and construction methods through continued education requirements.

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