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  • Keep the roof valleys clean. A build-up of leaves and debris can create a natural dam. The back-up of water can result in roof leakage.
  • Attic vents and/or louvers are provided to properly ventilate the house.  Please review them seasonally for correct operation.
  • Black streaks on your gutters are normal. These streaks are from weathering.
  • Check inside attic for signs of roof leaks. Be extremely careful not to damage or disturb electrical wiring or plumbing pipes that may be in the attic
  • Vents should remain unobstructed year-round.  Your home has soffit vents and they should be cleared of debris.  Also, check that these vents have not been stepped on and deformed. Excessive heat build-up in the attic is usually caused by blocked air vents. This condition can be resolved by clearing all obstructions away from the vents to allow proper heat release.

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