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Beware of Unlicensed and Uninsured Contractors
As spring approaches, many Mississippians will begin their remodeling project or purchase of a new home. In either case it is a big expense, and under most circumstances the largest investment that is made in a lifetime.
Unfortunately, there are times when the consumer has problems because the Mississippi law does not require a builder or remodeler to carry insurance. While using a licensed and insured contractor does not guarantee a perfect job, it does offer a certain level of protection and professionalism.
If you are looking to hire a builder or buy a new home,

·         Use a licensed contractor for your new home. A builder should be licensed by the Mississippi State Board of Contractors. To confirm that a builder is licensed go to

·         Use a member of your local Home Builders Association. Builders that are members of their Home Builders Association are usually better informed on new trends in building and educated on building codes and techniques.

·         Uninsured means unprotected. When you use an uninsured contractor it means that the contractor has no way of reimbursing you if there is a major problem with your home other than out of their own pocket. Almost all home related insurance claims against a builder occur after the construction is finished and the home is occupied. This means you end up paying the price if there is no insurance. Also, if the contractor does not carry workers’ compensation insurance you could be responsible for the medical bills and lifetime benefits for an injured worker.

·         Using a licensed and insured contractor will not guarantee professional workmanship. However, if your builder is trying to cut corners with their professional credentials you are more likely to have problems with a bad solution.

Building or buying a new home should be a great experience. Doing your homework and taking the necessary precautions is an important step toward taking care of your investment.  Allow  Shoemaker Homes to be your builder…relax, your home.

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