Home Tips…

1) Unplug appliances as they continue to use electricity when not in use.

2) Use ice to sharpen garbage disposal blades.

3) Clean refrigerator coil twice per year.

4) Change your HVAC syatem’s air filter once a month.

5) Test the smoke alarm twice each year.

6) Use bathroom vent fan while showering to reduce moisture level.

7) Protect your countertops by using a cutting board during food preperation.

8) Clean your painted cabinets with a mild, non-abrasive detergent & soft cloth.

9) Always ensure water is draining away from the home’s foundation.

10) Avoid allowing heavy vehicles to park on your driveway.

11) During power outages unplug TVs to prevent power surge damage.

12) Ivy or other ground cover will damage brick if allow to grow on brick walls.

13) Gas log fireplace: a) Keep starter key well out of reach of children.

b) All repairs should be handled by a professional.

14) Clip snagged carpet fibers with scissors, don’t pull.

15) Pets, high heels & vaccum cleaners may cause scratches on wood floors.

16) Keep garage doors closed to prevent heat & air from the home.

17) Test your heating system before the weather turns cold.

18) Install doorstops to prevent damage to walls.

19) Do not mix bleach & ammonia when cleaning toilets.

20) Keep gutters & downspouts free of debris.

21) To ensure spot free tile counters & floors, seal all grout lines.

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