Emergency Service

Emergency service is defined as situations such as:

  • complete loss of heat during cold weather months or complete loss of air conditioning during hot weather months -HV/AC Contractor
  • a total loss of electricity (excluding a local power outage) – Electrical Contractor
  • a total loss of water supply or pipe drainage (excluding a local water outage) – Plumbing Contractor
  • a roof leak – Roofing Contractor
  • a plumbing leak – FIRST, turn the water off – Plumbing Contractor
  • if there seems to be an apparent natural gas leak take the necessary precautions and contact your local gas utility provider immediately.

Contact information of Contractors IN CASE OF EMERGENCY:

HV/AC:  Climate Masters Heating and Cooling:  601-939-9090

Electrician:  ELCON Electrical Contractors:   601-825-4844

Plumbing:  Cliff Williams Plumbing:  601-214-7249 or JNG Plumbing:  601-906-0368

However, during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM) please call Shoemaker Homes directly (601-853-5060)


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