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  • Test your smoke alarm with the time changes (Fall Back & Spring Forward.)
  • Reverse fans.  Recirculation of heat saves on energy bill.
  • Use LED holiday lights.  These are 90% more efficient than traditional Christmas lights.
  • Unplug appliances.  Appliances still draw on electricity while not in use and this cost US consumers over $4 billion a year.
  • Utilize timer on your lights instead of leaving lights on when vacationing.
  • In case the power does go out make sure your car is not trapped in the garage.  Pull the manual engage string to release the garage door from the operator to exit.
  • It’s hard to believe, but a 25-watt fluorescent tube gives as much light as a 100-watt bulb.
  • Also, one 100-watt bulb gives off 50% more light than four 25-watt bulbs yet draws the same amount of current.
  • Locate the main circuit breaker and familiarize your family with its location.
  • Purchase a general-purpose fire extinguisher for each floor of your home plus one small extinguisher for grease fires in the kitchen. Demonstrate proper use for all family members.
  • If a circuit trips frequently, unplug all items connected to it and reset. If the circuit stays on, one of the items you unplugged is defective. If the circuit trips when nothing is connected to it, call a professional electrician.
  • Be aware of all Ground–Fault Circuit-Interrupters (GFCI) locations in your home and test the reset button on GFCI breakers once a month. This will trip the circuit. Press the reset button to return service. If a GFCI trips during normal use, it may be an indication of a faulty appliance.
  • Check your main panel once a year for rust or water marks. Only a licensed professional should handle repairs on the electrical panel.
  • Test and Re-Test Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters.

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