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  • Cabinet and vanity hardware will loosen with repeated use; tighten as needed.
  • Do not swing or hang on doors or doorknobs, as it will knock the hardware loose.
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  • Do not use abrasive cleaners, harsh or acidic chemicals as they may dull the finish. Avoid cleaning products that are not specifically designed for marble, limestone or travertine.
  • Grout stain removal guide:
    • Grease and fats
    • Soda and water or commercial spot-lifter
    • Inks and dyes
    • Household bleach
    • Blood
    • Hydrogen peroxide or household bleach
    • Coffee, tea, food, fruit, juices, lipstick
    • Neutral cleaner in hot water, followed by hydrogen peroxide or household bleach
  • Apply grout sealant with a small brush to reduce grout staining, taking care to keep the sealant off the tile surface.
  • Clean counter top tiles with a damp cloth and remove accumulated film with a soap-less, non-abrasive detergent or tile cleanser. Use a mild vinegar and water solution to remove grease and soap scum. Keep white tile seams clean by brushing with diluted bleach in a well-ventilated room.

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